About The Owner, Vee Faye



Hello There! Vee here!

     Thank You, Thank You, & Thank You Again for checking out the home of my heART!

     Growing up with four siblings, our favorite pass time on rainy days was to sit in a  circle and "roast" one other. We would make four-line raps poking fun at each other and this was the closest thing to a "Yo' Mama" Battle that five siblings could do... for obvious reasons.

     I enjoyed it so much so, that I wanted to ensure that everyone that vibes with The Scene DTX feels comfortable enough to make jokes about each other's paintings. The quickest way to rid anxiety about a painting is to laugh at a "happy accident," and collectively we will help you do just that!

      My ultimate goal as an instructor is to make you feel as confident an artist as you were in your elementary school art classes. 

     We not only work together to bring unique creative offerings forward, we share a passion for providing memorable occasions where everyone feels like a family member or friend. 

Come Create With Us!


Vee Faye